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The Calix 836GE Residential Services Gateway (RSG) is a powerful multi-function device that combines the capabilities of an advanced ONT, Wi-Fi router, and home network management hub into a single compact device that’s both consumer-friendly and carrier-grade.

Easily installed as a desktop or wall-mounted unit, the 836GE RSG extends the access network – and the promise of fiber – into the subscriber’s home. The 836GE RSG enables a wide array of new services and enhanced customer support that lays the foundation for an increasingly compelling subscriber experience that builds loyalty and can transform a service provider’s business model as well.

With the 836GE RSG service providers can:

  • Manage and troubleshoot the subscriber’s home network, enhancing broadband performance, shortening issue resolution times, and generally keeping customers happy.
  • Offer subscribers a variety of advanced in-home services, including the capability to manage their own Wi-Fi home network via a consumer-friendly GUI.
    • Use a service provider GUI to perform remote provisioning and troubleshooting.
  • Leverage complementary Calix software tools like Compass Consumer Connect to remotely activate and manage IP devices within the subscriber’s home network.
  • Eliminate box-on-box solutions in the home and the headache caused by unmanaged Wi-Fi devices in the home.
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